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I'm Frenchie,

Aka the Dot Connector

I help Aspiring & Small entrepreneurs Build, Scale & Grow the back end of their Business

I’m Aurélie AKA Frenchie, a versatile independent Business Strategist.

Ambitious entrepreneurs rely on my expertise to manage and help them connect the behind the scenes dots of their businesses, so they can focus on the big picture steps required to profit from their passion.

Before moving to the Chicago Metropolitan area from Paris France, I previously served as a production coordinator for a Famous French Brand for over 15 years. As i transitioned to this new culture and life overseas, Personal events made me say "ENOUGH, I can do so much more! "

I faced myself and switched my mindset, improved my health & lifestyle to become the well rounded, happy single mother, Multiple Business Women i am today.

My purpose is to help facilitate processes that helped people draw strength from within despite their unique challenges in order to develop social-emotional and cognitive health and wellbeing change to be STRONG and RESILIENT Business Owners. 

My Business Motto:

"An Unhealthy you is an Unhealthy Business"

My Expertise


Helping entrepreneurs build strong, successful businesses Whether you’re already well established or just starting out, you make decisions about your business every day Leading a company can be challenging, especially when it comes to optimizing your performance. I will guide you throughout every stage of development.

 My solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage every function of your business with confidence.


Starting a new business comes with a vast amount of steps. 

I am here to guide you and give you the proper fundamentals needed.

If you are thinking of creating your business, just starting up your business or looking for additional help,


Let’s get you up and running!

Project Management
Support Services

As a small or large business, it is easy to forget some details that allow your company to run smoothly. 

I am ready and available to fill the need.

Financial Literacy: 
Personal & Business
CREDIT Building, Boost / Repair

Repair the health and accuracy of your credit.


Learn how financial literacy is key for your personal life AND also before starting your business.

An unhealthy financial you is an unhealthy business. 

I help Trusted Businesses & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips


"Thank you Frenchie!

I’m so blessed to have met you !! You have brought another level of confidence upon me as I’m heading into entrepreneurship!
I’m excited to launch my business now ! You are a woman of your word and you were sooo patient with me through my journey !
I would recommend you to my family and friends!!Also, you’re helping build my credit as well and I am thankful for that! "


—  Chanel R. New Business Owner


Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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